How to Order Your Plumbing Services

We hope your questions regarding how to order services are answered on this page; however, do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of further assistance.

Step 1 ~  Ordering Compressed Air, Water and/or Drain Lines:
  • Determine how many pieces of equipment will require a separate line in your booth.
  • Air, water and drain lines all include one line brought into your booth space. If you have more than one machine that requires air, water or drain and they are more than 10 feet apart, an additional outlet must be ordered. If machines are within 10 feet of each other you may order an additional outlet only for the additional machines. Yard Plumbing allows exhibitors to perform their own connections.
  • Please note your needed CFM (cubic feet per minute) requirements for air lines and connection size(s) as well as the number of connections for air, water and drain lines.

Step 2 ~  Ordering Fill & Drain Services:

  • Fill and drains are based upon how many gallons of water each vessel requires to be filled and drained.
  • Fill only is based upon how many gallons of water each vessel requires and does not need to be drained.
  • ​Drain only is based upon the amount of gallons of water each vessel needs to have drained.

​Step 3 ~ Ordering Natural Gas Lines and other Miscellaneous Services:

  • Natural gas as well as gas cylinders are not available in all convention facilities. Please contact us to determine availability.

Step 4 ~ Where will my outlet(s) be located?

  • In-line and peninsula booths will find their outlets located on the floor at the rear drape line of the booth; unless otherwise specified on your floorplan.
  • Island booth outlets are brought to one location in the booth and then distributed from that point.
  • NOTE: A floor plan is required for all Island booths, make sure to include your booth orientation, main outlet location and location of any additional outlets. Please provide exact measurements to ensure accurate placement in your booth.